Here below you can find a selected list of my publications, including links to Open Access texts or publishers' websites.

Edited books
Refereed Journal Articles
Scholarly Book Chapters
Refereed Conference Papers
  • STANO, S. (2009) Translation of Eric Landowski, “Avoir prise, donner prise”, Nouveaux Actes Sémiotiques, 112. It. Transl. “Avere presa, dare presaLexia 3-4: 139-202. ISSN: 1720-5298 [IT].
Scholarly Reviews
  • STANO, S. (2020) Review of Blackledge, Adrian and Angela Creese (2019)Voices of a City Market: An Ethnography, Bristol: Multilingual Matters LtdSocial Semiotics. Print ISSN: 1035-0330; Online ISSN: 1470-1219 [EN].
  • STANO, S. (2015) Review of ‘Marrone, Gianfranco (ed.) (2015)Buono da pensare. Cultura e comunicazione del gusto, Carocci, Roma’Lexia 19-20: 499-503. ISSN: 1720-5298 [IT].
  • STANO, S. (2014) Review of ‘Sedda, Franciscu (2012) Imperfette traduzioni. Semiopolitica delland  culture, Edizioni Nuova Cultura, Roma’Lexia 15-16:311-317. ISSN: 1720-5298 [IT].
  • STANO, S. (2012) Review of ‘Marrone, Gianfranco and Alice Giannitrapani (eds.) (2012) La cucina del senso, Mimesis, MilanoLexia 11-12:675-684. ISSN: 1720-5298 [IT].
  • STANO, S. (2012) Review of ‘Boutaud, Jean-Jacques (2012) Il senso goloso. La commensalità, il gusto, gli alimenti, ETS, Pisa’. Lexia 11-12:665-674. ISSN: 1720-5298 [IT].
  • STANO, S. (2011) Review of  ‘Bianciardi, Lorenzo (2011) Il sapore di un film, Protagon, Siena’Lexia 9-10: 403-409. ISSN: 1720-5298 [IT].

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